Breach of contract

Brearleys Solicitors can assist you if you have or are: been effected by a breach of Contract
purchased a service which has been unsatisfactory or if you are a business owner who requires advice on protecting your business through well drafted contracts

You may be being accused of breaching a contract and need advice

If terms of a contract are broken, then there is a breach of contract. This can occur if one party does not comply with the terms or if they change their mind and do not perform their side of the contract

You can remedy a breach of contract in various ways but the most common would be:

To make a compensation claim for damages (a sum of money) for loss or damage caused by Breach of Contract.

To seek a court order, for the contract to be performed, and obligations to be carried out.

To seek a court order, declaring the contract null and void, obliging the party who has breached the contract to put the ‘innocent party’ back in the position he/she was in before the contract was entered into.

Breach of contract

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