Commercial mediation

Our services include-

•Inheritance Claims

•Contentious Probate

•Boundary Disputes

•Professional Negligence

•Media Litigation

•Defamation, Libel or Slander

•Property Litigation

•Partnership Disputes

•Employment Claims

•Co-Mediations are available both in the UK & Internationally.

Why Mediate?

Civil and Commercial Mediation suits all types of cases regardless of the value, because Civil and Commercial Mediation enables the parties to find a resolution without the cost of Court proceedings.

This is important as Courts often prevent parties from proceeding to a trial unless Mediation has been attempted. If mediation is to be imposed, it's better for the parties to attempt Mediation voluntarily before any Court costs have been incurred.

As the Small Claims track of the County Court prevents parties from recovering their legal fees in most cases, Civil and Commercial Mediation is now a fast and cost effective way of concluding small claims. With the limit for small claims now £10,000, there is even more incentive for people involved in disputes to try Mediation.

What Happens at a Mediation?

There is no fixed procedure at a Mediation as much will depend on the nature of the dispute and any requests by the parties. It's sometimes the case that there is an opening Mediation session, at which everyone attends, followed by a series of individual sessions where the Mediator shuttles between the parties.

It is usual for the Mediation to be without prejudice and so anything said during the day can not be referred to in the future. This means that the parties can speak freely without fear that they may be caught out if the case ever went to Court.

Civil & Commercial Mediation is very successful and most disputes are resolved at Mediation meetings.

When to Mediate?

This depends on the type of case but our Mediators can speak to you on the phone to help you decide when might be best in your particular case. More often than not, an early Mediation is advisable before parties get heavily entrenched positions. As soon as the parties exchanged letters setting our each other’s point of view and have had time to investigate any allegations, Mediation should be attempted.

How Much Does Mediation Cost?

The cost of the Civil / Commercial Mediation depends on a number of factors including the value of the dispute, the time the Mediator has been booked for and the number of parties. The parties might incur additional fees if they want their own Lawyers to attend the Mediation.

Where Will the Mediation Take Place?

We will attend whatever venue the parties decide is appropriate; this might be one of the parties’ Lawyer’s office or in a boundary dispute, it might occur on the piece of land. If the parties cannot decide on a venue then we can host the Mediation in one of our many offices across the UK.

Who Will Handle the Mediation?

We have two Civil and Commercial Mediators, Consultant Michael Barber and Andrew Marsden who can be contacted on 01924 443900 and 01924 473065 respectively.

Commercial mediation

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