Landlord and Tenant

Commercial property Leases are simple - it’s what goes in them (and how that can be interpreted) that’s complex!

A good Lease should be sufficiently detailed to protect a Landlord’s investment without being overly burdensome to a Tenant.

A good Lease has to be created in the ‘now’ but in a way that it remains good throughout the period that it covers.

Finally, a good Lease should be a transferable commodity not a ‘ball and chain’. Brearleys’ lawyers are experienced in getting the balance right.

Our lawyers’ work collaboratively with other lawyers and agents to ensure an accurate, marketable Lease is created while safeguarding our clients’ position. Not only do we explain a Lease in plain English-we provide our clients with a plain English written report that they can keep and refer to throughout the life of the Lease just to check out those key features that need checking occasionally.

But our involvement doesn’t end there!

Our team can help and advise you if issues arise during the life of the Lease. We deal with Landlords’ consents for transferring Leases and consents for when Tenants need to make alterations.

So, whether the Lease is for a single unit or part of a shopping mall with much more complex provisions you can be assured of our extensive knowledge, experience and commercial awareness delivered in a manner that you understand. .

Landlord and Tenant

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