Sales and Purchases

Selling or buying commercial property is not merely a legal transaction-it’s a business transaction!

On a sale, preparing the way and planning ahead maximises efficiency that should result in a speedy transaction and the property being converted into cash on the balance sheet.

On a purchase, asking the right questions and raising the correct searches minimises the risk for expensive surprises arising after the property has been bought.

Brearleys are experienced on both!

If you are planning to sell, it’s worth contacting our commercial property team early and especially before you find a buyer. Our lawyers can prepare a sales pack quickly and efficiently; we know the type of questions the buyer will ask so we can prepare the answers before the questions are asked. We can often anticipate what the buyer’s lender may need and provide it before being asked for it.

When buying a commercial property we don’t just ask the standard questions-we ask the questions that matter. We ask questions designed to discover if there is anything that may affect the use of the property after you have bought it and which may affect your ‘bottom line’.

We also provide buyer clients with a plain English report that they can refer to time and again-a useful tool if ever they need to refinance or when they come to sell. So if you are selling or buying a commercial property Brearleys efficient practice and searching questions can help your business achieve its goal.

Sales and Purchases

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