We speak your language

“Detailed information was explained in layman’s terms.  There was no jargon or legal speak.  Any questions were answered in full, and all options were carefully explained.  This allowed us to make considered decisions.  Thank you”

This is the comment that we have just received from a feedback questionnaire from one of our clients.  After every transaction we write to our clients and seek feedback so that we can continue to improve our service.  We believe that the above speaks volumes.  It’s common to receive such comments from our clients as we pride ourselves in speaking plain English so that you can understand the options before you regardless of the type of law that you instructors in connection with.

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Here are some of our most recent client comments

“Everything went smoothly from beginning to receiving my will.  It was a pleasure to come down to your office.  I needed to get a solicitor nearer to home and as I lived in Birstall your office was an obvious choice because of the nearness to my home.  Thank you”

“Brearleys are very supportive and good at their job.  It was a positive attitude with a very good result.  Thanks”

“I have no further comments or suggestions that would improve your service because everything was most satisfactory .  My many thanks; Mr Stansfield, Huddersfield”

“you were very professional. I’m not the best acknowledge ring information that you always chased me up giving me actual deadline dates where needed.  L From start to finish the process has been straightforward and simple.  You were fantastic and I know I will have frustrated you at times.  I would definitely recommend .  I would recommend BrearleysSolicitors to anyone who like myself was injured through no fault of their own.  Is not always about the money; it’s about justice and lessons to be learnt .    Mrs Beardmore, Congleton “

We are proud of the service that we provide and recognise that we are here to serve you as our clients.  is a fact that the overwhelming majority of feedback that we get is appreciative of our efforts and confirms that they would recommend us to friends family and colleagues .  don’t just take our word for it; if you have legal problems or or need advice then come to Brearleys and we will do everything that we can to look after you.

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